A minor “annoyance” I encountered as a customer sparked the idea for ‘sauce’, ironically. It happened (and this wasn’t the first time) at a drive thru Mexican restaurant, which shall remain unnamed, just down the street from my home. I used to frequent this fast food restaurant often (in the days before my diet became stricter). I always ordered multiple items: burritos, quesadillas, tostadas, nachos, and even tacos depending on my mood. After completing my order for food, I always finished by immediately asking for “lots of” hot sauce to go with it. Regardless of this request, every time I would only be given 3 to 4 packets of hot sauce, which in my book is not, “lots of.” I soon got in the habit of asking the employee after I had been handed my bag(s) of food, to give me a handful more.

One day however, I was distracted and had forgotten to get the “extra” that I always asked for. On said day, I had driven home with my freshly ordered food, starved, and ready to enjoy. Upon getting home and settling in, I realized my terrible error. Not only had I forgotten to request more hot sauce, but they had only given me two packets!! For the entire bag! TWO! Clearly not enough for the four items I had just ordered. Outraged, I went to Corey Joseph, my roommate at the time, and complained. As he listened to my complaints and woes of injustice a fire was lit, and through our conversation and my anger,

  the story of ‘Sauce‘ was born. (And to think, originally I was only going to write a scathing email to the manager of the restaurant, as Peter also suggests in the film). Instead, I am thrilled to sit here today, with ‘sauce’ complete and entertaining others!‘Sauce’ is the humorous response to a very real frustration caused by a system that doesn’t seem to listen or care - a system built by companies that ignore their consumers’ needs, but also on a complacent society that doesn’t know how to speak up or demand what it needs. Writing and then filming ‘Sauce’ was cathartic. A learning experience that was challenging and inspiring. It was also was a great way to entertain others while venting my frustrations. As much as this system seems unchangeable (greedy companies that dictate to the buying public what they “need”, and a public that blindly follows advertisers as they lead) isn’t there always a different way? Can’t we, like Peter and Joseph, rise up? Or is it as Bill states simply within the film “the way things are”?

I don’t know. I leave that to the viewer. What I do know, I sure had a lot more fun making this movie then trying to get enough sauce for my order!!

- Paul Howard